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All About Moonfly

Moonfly is an all female, navy veteran-owned & operated company in Hampton Roads, Virginia that specializes in making memories magical. Whether it is for a special date night, birthday, anniversary or just to make someone smile we are there behind the scenes making it happen for you.


All you have to do is enjoy and make some lasting memories.

The concept for Moonfly was founded in 2018 as a company that creates memorable date nights and engagement moments. Moonfly has ridden a creative wave through several variations in the years since and we’ve entered a new phase with glamping, outdoor movie night and weddings. 


The name, Moonfly, originated from our vision of romantic summer night skies filled with fireflies and relaxing under the moon. We relate very much to the moon through our Native American ancestry and our love for astrology.


Much of the inspiration for Moonfly comes from the restaurant industry where we always had a fondness for serving guests, our passion for entertaining and the outdoors.

Bethany Peregrine Moonfly Events



Bethany Peregrine is an owner and operator of Moonfly.


She served six years in the Navy as a Naval Aircrewman on Sea Dragon helicopters and the military values instilled in her are integrity, hard work, and attention to detail.


Since her service, she has worked in restaurants and at Disney World gaining expertise in providing five star service. Bethany enjoys working with clients to design their event vision, networking, managing Moonfly and working the warehouse.


Outside of Moonfly, she works part-time as a physical therapist assistant and is a wife and mother to two little boys.

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