Terms & Conditions
1. Payment Terms

a.) Price of packages may vary and does not include tax or cleaning fee of $25.

b.) Payment is required in full upon contract agreement on or before the due date as stated on the invoice.

c.) Payments should be made by way of bank transfer or Credit Card (+3.5%) to Moonfly LLC.

d.) Failure to pay an invoice may result in cancellation of a booking and loss of retainer.

2. Rescheduling and Cancellation

a.) Moonfly LLC does not permit any refunds for events or items for any reason other than inclement weather as we have held your date, reserved staff and equipment and turned down other events to do so. 

b.) Time scheduled cannot be changed after contract is agreed upon and signed.

c.) For each additional half hour the event extends beyond schedule there is a $30 fee. 

3. Wet & Inclement Weather

a.) Weather conditions involving any state or local warning or watch that could form into inclement weather and/or serious conditions can be cancelled by either the client or Moonfly LLC for the safety of the client and team without any charge. If the client chooses to cancel Moonfly LLC services for reasons pertaining to weather conditions involving any state or local warning or watch it has to be more than four hours prior to the event to receive a full refund and if client cancels within four hours prior to the event then there will be a $75.00 charge. 

b.) As an option in circumstances beyond Moonfly LLC’s control involving rain/weather that is not accompanied by a state or local warning or watch Moonfly LLC can set up a canopy cover (doesn’t cover sides, only top) for an additional $25 or we recommend having a backup event location preferably indoors where we can continue the event as planned.

4. Loss or Damage to Equipment and Rental Items

a.) All rental items supplied to the Client are property of Moonfly LLC unless otherwise stated in a signed invoice.

b.) Loss or damage of rental items must be reported by the Client to Moonfly LLC immediately. 

c.) If the rental items are lost, the Client must pay to Moonfly LLC the current replacement cost of the rental items.

d.) The Client agrees to pay a non-refundable insurance fee of $20 incase there is unintentional damage to any rented item then the full cost of the item or repair is covered by insurance.

5. Security

a.) The Client is responsible for the supervision and security of Moonfly LLC rental items until it is collected by Moonfly LLC.

b.) The Client agrees to cover the costs to replace items stolen under the supervision of the Client. 

6. Location Requirements and Restrictions

a.) Moonfly LLC may serve locations outside a 12 mile radius from our address for an additional fee. 

b.) Certain restrictions apply at public parks and beaches relating to park hours, fire, glass and alcohol consumption.

c.) Set up area at private residence must be free and clear of debris, grass must be mowed and no dogs are allowed on site as Moonfly LLC team members set up and break down equipment.

d.) Moonfly LLC is not liable for lawn damage caused by equipment which can leave grass discoloration and imprint. 

7. Alcohol Consumption

a.) It is the responsibility of the Client to check alcohol consumption laws of any venue or public space being used for one of our events. 

b.) Moonfly LLC takes no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties occurred. 

8. Liability 

a.) Moonfly LLC and any team members working under the direction of Moonfly LLC accepts no responsibility for any injuries.

b.) Moonfly LLC and any team members working under the direction of Moonfly LLC accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained where Client and or guests move or incorrectly use items against the recommendation or instruction of Moonfly LLC.

c.) Moonfly LLC and team members are not liable for any events or situations involving a third party. 

9. Booking

Ia.) Please allow 72 hours for response from the Moonfly team at first inquiry. 

b.) Booking should be completed at least two weeks in advance. Under certain circumstances we can expedite booking for a fee of $99.

10. Design and Detail

 a.) Packages and provisions may be customized at consultation with a creative director. Prices may vary.

b.) Moonfly LLC chooses items with the intention of your intended vision. Equipment, colors, items, flowers, etc. can vary.